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9 January 2020
The things that make our lives better.

Investigative reporters, children's workshops, demolished old buildings and a wonderful new one at number 49 in Boyana - this is just a sample of WhATA's comment on the architectural 2019. We read, think and vote until January 31 on

As your day goes, so does your life - so look at your petty habits. Do they build something strong or just waste time? If you are looking for a new life for 2020, here's some help - Atomic Habits is an advisor on how to start and maintain good... well, habits.

A "less dystopian fantasy universe" will sound in Halsey's new Manic, and the nuances of the previously released singles confirm this. Country, hip-hop and rock are making love in the album from January 17 onwards, and until then, we're watching Road to Manic on her YouTube channel.

It's no wonder we immediately want this flash camera with the Stranger Things logo - the limited-edition beauty is a 130-dollar click away from us (from Too bad nobody bought it for us at Christmas. Easter is coming?

In January, Vogue Italia really entered a new decade - releasing an issue without photos, with illustrations only. This crosses out 20 flights, 40 cars' fuel, 60 international deliveries and more behind the scenes stuff, while the saved up money goes for an eco-friendly cause. Brava!

Emily Blunt aimed at one of the monsters at the end of A Quiet Place and left us scared of what's next. Here we are peeking and not scary, but apocalyptic - the second part extends the planetary reach of silence (and that specific pop) from March 20 in theaters.

Saying that she draws through dance is not just a poetic exaggeration - Liza Riabinina is from Kiev, but she is known from here to L.A. because of the choreographies in which her body is intertwined with those of others to the extent of us wondering which leg is whose. @liza_riabinina on Instagram.

We liked the Flip Flop on Oborishte St. before as well, but its new version is twice as appetizing with one floor and one kitchen added. Avocado toast with egg and fried banana bread slices - this was sucked in by our neighbors by table and it became clear: next time we're coming specifically for the food.

They are actually boxes and that's why they are so top - it's cynical to collect your recyclable junk in plastic trash cans. Therefore, we reach for the recycled cardboard ones from - 6BGN for a 70 liter unit, which you can shorten with scissors if it does not fit where you want it.

In latin letters and with Caps Lock, Strugare is looking for friends on IndieGoGo for his debut album. In return, he also gives you a ticket for THE BIG SHOW + new clips in his newly launched series As You Waste Me, I'll Kill You. We do not waste, we send.


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