True or false?

12 February 2015
A few myths about wine - and some that are actually true.

Red wine - always at room temperature


As true as it would be for beer. Only some varieties of red wine tolerate warmer degrees - most feel perfectly well between 15-20 C. For lighter wines that temperature drops even more. In Ancient Rome it was a serious insult to tell someone that they drink warm red wine, and you know about the test of time - well, the insult hasn't passed, but the temperature did.

Light wine is combined with a light meal
A serious steak with thick sauce would always like a cup of heavy red wine. In fact, to find the best combinations of wine and food, you need to do only one thing - try them. It may take a lifetime, but we have not heard anyone having regrets about that.

I don't need to try it
When in a restaurant the waiter invite you to taste the wine, the goal is not only to taste it. Yes, if there is a sommelier, they expect you to say whether you like their advice, but something else is also important. They pour you a few sips, which you don't even have to taste - if you smell mold or something rotten, then something is really rotten. If the wine is sparkling, if it smells like wet cardboard, if along with its taste it is awful boring, flat and dull - send the bottle back and ask for a new one, because in this, the bacteria have started the party before you.

Screw caps are for bad wines
Screw caps are actually a good decision - part of the problems we explained come precisely from the corks, which are far more expensive to produce. Yes, the sound of uncorking is sexy, but it is equally sexy when businesses take practical decisions and chose quality at the best cost. Very good wineries are starting to bottle with screw caps, while some old masters refuse to accept the new technology, because they consider it a breach of tradition. The truth is that you can't tell a good bottle only from the cap or cork. You'll learn much more from the small details such as whether the label states the region of origin and whether the alcohol content is unusually high.

Once open, the wine is quickly ruined
Yes, for about a week. And keep in mind that wine should be stored in the refrigerator. If you keep it in warm and bright places, you will need to pour it down the sink. You will find yourself in the same position if you buy a bottle from a shop that is too hot - wines that are ruined from heat are recognized by a bunch of things, including flat taste.

Expensive wine is better
Actually, you can find good local wine for 8lv. Often the price is inflated from transport costs. Or from the marketing department. Of course, there are bottles that are like a Ferrari among cars - they're really worth the price.


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