Sofia through the eyes of others: Levi Manji

21 December 2020
Levi Manji was born in Palermo, Sicily, but grew up in the beautiful Brescia in Lombardy. He lived in different parts of the world, and today he is here in Sofia, where he found his place as a Sportsbook Specialist with Italian in the PokerStars team, Bulgaria. We asked Levi where do some of the company's key values meet his own personal values (well…passion for sports and strive for excellence). And we also asked him about Sofia and how he sees it through his own eyes.

I have always been fearless, and with this attitude as I set foot at the airport in Sofia, my first impression of the city was quite positive. And I didn’t go unnoticed. But this is how it usually goes. Maybe because I'm tall and stand out.

At PokerStars, the biggest asset for me is the opportunity to work and share my time with people from different cultures. The company has offices scattered all over the world and the fact that I can communicate with everyone is a real value.

I will not forget my first visit to the store. The saleswoman asked me if I had a customer card and I confidently said ‘yes’, without even understanding the question. She paused and waited for me to use it, and I kept on waiting for her to continue marking the purchases. It went on until we realized we didn’t quite understand each other.

People in Sofia are very curious about my origins and the reason I moved here. I like that. Every time someone asks why I decided to live in Sofia, I answer "why not?". I have lived in different places: in the USA, Italy, Germany, Malta, Côte d’Ivoire. However, what I really like in Bulgaria is the nature and the cultural monuments.

Sports have always been an important part of my life. I was a professional sprinter in 60, 100, 200 meters, as well as in 4x100 meters. I won many medals and became one of the best in my home country. My biggest achievement was my participation at the World Cup 2014 with the Italian national team. Now I just train to stay in shape. I am top of my field in lifting weights from a bench and doing squats with a lever. Especially in the squats. I haven’t found anyone that can break my record yet.

My hometown of Brescia is one of the most beautiful in Italy. Here is a small list of why to visit: Franciacorta wine is one of the best and most famous wines in the world. There’s a mountain where you can do everything: camping, hunting and skiing. And the beautiful old town with the square, castles, and the cathedral. Every time I bite into a slice of pizza or order pasta at a restaurant here in Sofia, I feel a little closer to home.

Working in the iGaming industry means challenges, innovations, pleasant surprises. You can't get bored. Especially in sports betting, where you constantly must be up to date with results, games, and so on. Fortunately, I love sports.


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