The History of Maria Luisa

8 December 2011 text Clodin Gendova, photos
We`d like to invite you to do something unusual - go ti the Luvov Most and take a look on Maria Luisa Blvd. You will see some old, ugly buildings, one taller than the others. We know the reason.

II World War bombing made huge damage on Maria Louisa Blvd. The owner of the buildings there were out of money, so they could not repair all damage.
But there were a time, when Maria Luisa Blvd. was the most popular and fancy place for nice and long walks in the city. The building of The Central Station was a key element - Maria Luisa turned up to be the shortest way to Sofia downtown, so it could not be dirty, small or ugly.
In 1901 Maria Luisa defend its fame as the most modern and beautiful place in town - the first tramway starts from there and goes to the Graf Ignatiev bridge. There were two classes  - first and second, and the difference between them were 5 stotinki only. But there were not many people ready to pay this extra money, so the first class disappeared soon.
Now Maria Louisa Blvd. is ugly, grey and boring, and far, far away from its ancient glory. But still - you can go to the Luvov Most and take a look on the whole boulevard. Who knows, you may see something new.


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