History Lesson

22 December 2011 text Claudine Gendova, photos lostbulgaria.com
There are times when we totally hate our city. There are times we are totally in love with its charming tiny streets.

In the past Lozenetz district was just a hill. The bohemians from downtown usually  went there every weekend for having a nice picnic. The huge mistake is the name of the wall (rest from 16th century) which is called Roman. In fact the wall was a muslim relic. The other saint place in Lozenetz district is still there and still has the same name - the Cross.
Banishora district is one of our favorite. Some say that the name is really old and it means "slowly water", but other historians think that the name comes from fight abilities. We believe the second one.
Razsadnika district has a bit funny name. The municipality decided to stop the town growing by building a huge nursery-garden. But after the two World Wars there were no other alternative than selling the land to the poor Sofia citizens.
Next to Razsadnika, there were the gipsy town, called Tatarly. The real atraction there were a pub, named One Gipsy, where the stunning beauty Keva were singing.
So, the pub isn`t there anymore, Keva is also gone,  we advice you not to go in Tatrly, but there are a lot of places in our town to explore and why not - to fall in love with them!


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