Some Good Old Stories

5 January 2012 text Claudine Gendova, photos
The garden in front of Saint Sedmochislenitzi church is a nice place for walking the dog, sitting and talking or even drinking some beer. But do you know a bit dark history of this place? We bet you don`t.

Here is the story - till the 1900 the church was a mosque, named Kodja Dervish Mehmed-Pashova. The great sultan Suleiman I  passed through the city on his way to Vienna. He liked our small town, but he didn`t like the fact Sofia hasn`t got any oriental atmosphere. The great vezir of the sultan decided to fix this little mistake and hired the greatest builder of those times Kodja Sinan.
After the Liberation Russian army found the mosque empty. The building was turn into a jail with a dungeon and a gibbet. Many lost their lives there. So the next time you sit in the garden in front of the Saint Sedmochislenitzi temple remember that the history of the building was fool of darkness.


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