Because the Past Was Once a Future

9 February 2012 text Claudine Gendova, photos
Beauty is always a very nice recommendation and the past was once a future. That`s why we decided to go back in history and take a look at Sofia fashion trends in the beginning of 20th century.

On the first ball, held by kniaz Batenberg, all the ladies was dressed up with long black or red dresses. This trend didn`t less too long. The Bulgarian ladies wanted to be modern Western ladies and they started to see fashion like a very serious issue. In Modern Journal from 1911 we can read a story of one lady from Sofia, who was depressed and wanted to kill herself only because the new fashion trend doesn`t suit her. She decided to get drown and went to the nearest Boutique to buy a new costume de mer (bikini). She didn`t like any of the bikini they offered her and that`s why the suicidal plans was cancelled.
This strong obsession is maybe the reason why Bulgarian ladies was known as the most elegant and most charming in Eastern Europe. They whore huge hats with flowers, birds and even fruits on them, long skirts, fashion umbrellas in the summer and "manshons" for the cold winter.
Gentlemen were also into fashion. Konstantin Stoilov for example - one of the Conservative party leaders wrote a four pages letter to explain a london fashion company how a top-hat must look. And the top-hat was sign for  wealth. Ordinary gentlemen wore bowler hats, dark suits and cuffs.


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