The Long Walk with Milenita

19 May 2011 text by Dima Chakarova photos by Iliyan Ruzhin
The woman who sings about black tom-cats is always capable of assuring us that the future is bright. She took us on walk in the streets of Sofia and all the blaces where Lora from Dusk till Dawn was shot (in theatres from June 3). Soon after Milenita told shared her wonderful mood with us, she took off , a smile on her face.

Escaping Reality
I`ve only returned from a wonderful 4-day-long journey. I`ve been told that my heroine Laura is an uran girl. It turns out I`m not that girl at all. People almost get a world record from taking the Sofia-Burgas distance for like 4 hours. While me, I took it for 2 days. I was with my 5-year-old son and we stopped at every possible dam lake because he knew that if you threw a coin in the water, your wish would come true. The first dime was for his wish to become a sky-diver, the following ones- to become a boatsman, a pilot...It was really cool to see the world through a child`s eyes seeing everything for the first time.

Shishman Street
Three of the movie settings are here. Right opposite Bilkova is Laura`s appartment. I`ve been seeing the same faces hanging out there for whole summer. The duner-shop is over there too. I drew them a cat on the cash desk. They are also a slow-food restaurant. There was this one time when I was absolutely starving and went there and said I want a duner like right now. And I waited for it for some 20 minutes. But it was finger-licking good, all fat and full of mayo, really delicious.

Points of Interaction
I don`t go to bars too much because I go to sleep at 10, litereally. I wake up at six, so 10 is my bed time. There is this one bar, Wonder Bar, and I go there every now and then because it`s right next to where I live. The phrase point of no return fits me perfectly, if it`s past 10 and I`m drunk- it`s my point of no return. So I choose places which are not too far from my home.


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