Vladimir Tsonkov

12 August 2010
Vladimir Tsonkov is creative director of one of the biggest advertising agencies in Bulgaria, Saatchi & Saatci. Apart from that he is the proud owner of one of the best diners in Sofia, the soup bar Supa Star ( 8 Shishman str.). He takes us to his favourite places in Sofia.

I like going to Blaze, it`s kind of close to the people. I`ve got lots of memories here. Most of my friends are in advertising but this doesn`t mean we`re a closed society, it`s just how things went for us. Some of my friends are sea-men because I`m from Varna.

My motorbike has been upgraded many times that`s why it looks so thugish. It`s a city bike but I want to buy a chopper. I`ve been riding since I got my license. The best motorbike you can get is the one you make yourself.

When I was little I wanted to become a trash collector. But I turned out to be an ad-creator. I`ve been doing it for 7 years now. You learn a lot more while you`re working.

I like hanging around the National theatre, it reminds me of the summers in Varna when I used to go out with my friends. I also like Barcelona because it also reminds me of Varna- all those streets leading to the sea, even the cars plates have the letter B on them.

My friend Gavaza and I travel a lot. It`s cool everywhere, as long as you make the most of the place where you are. Even Bulgaria can be cool despite people`s narrow minds. Asia, for instance, is quite different, people are very open there.

Super Soup
My favourite soup is Mexican- it has beans in it, together with some other spices I cannot tell you about and some lime and cream. The idea about Supa Star is not ours, it`s something that has been created all over the world but there was a market gap in Bulgaria. The business is successful and we`re happy.


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