The Long Walk With Yana Burer Tavanie

23 December 2010 text Emil Hristov, photos Iliyan Ruzin
Yana Burer Tavanie is a woman, who stands for too many causes. She is a journalist, militant, active citizen and an optimist.

I spend a lot of time in Butchers and Local. I found these two places cozy. Moreover,  they are near my place. I like to drink my coffee in Costa. That` s because I don`t like fancy places.

The square in front of the Parliament  is so empty. I was here protesting against the communications low. But this is not enough. In Bulgaria to be a militant means to click on the "like" button or to grumble in some social networks.

There is a shop, called Hug me. They sell very nice things there - pictures, dolls, cloths, all made by orphans. I wanted to say that, because most of the people think that December is the moth for charity. I hate this way of thinking. Like my boyfriend always say: I thought that we have to be good all the time, but it turns out we have to be good only on Christmas.


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