The Long Walk With Pesho Tatula

27 January 2011 text by Geri Turiiska, photo by Angel Kotzev Studio, Radoslav B.
Petyr Dimitrov, so called Pesho Tatula is one of the best known tattoo makers in Bulgaria. He is also the creator of EXIT - a fashion brand, which exists already 10 long years.

To make tattoos for me is not just a job. It`s like art for me. When I started back in 90`s where were only two or three tattoo studios in Bulgaria. Nowadays there are so many of them. I`ve seen different people coming  - some of them wanted to make a change, others - to be a rebel, to keep a precious memory... The truth is that once you started it`s hard to stop.

We have to support all  "made in Bulgaria" products. This is very important. Now, we are buying a lot of products, coming from Chine - products with low quality, made only to bring easy profits.

Our brand EXIT exists already 10 long years. Behind this project you can find Emo and Pesho and lot of friends. We do all with creativity, imagination and faith. Our website is

I like to play table football. I like to travel, I like nature and I go snowboarding in the winter. It`s really "recharging". Sport is like the remedy for all kind of pain and stress. Otherwise, I spend my time mostly between Slavianska street, Gurko and Bilkova - my tattoo studio is there, and the office of EXIT as well.


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