The Long Walk with Borislav Chuchkov

10 February 2011 text Dima Chakarova, photos Angel Kotzev Studio
Back in 1984 Borislav Chuchkov made one unforgettable performance on Italian competition for children song The Golden Coin. Some of us remember that. But when we speak about Chuchkov, the only thing we mention lately is TILT. The little boy from the competition and this grown-up film producer still have something in common: the spark in the eyes.

The Office
The best thing in this office is the view. When a look outside my room I can see my friends and some of my closest people ever. When I look true the window of my office I can see Doktorska Garden and Sofia Library.
In fact, there are two ways of making things: one is to plan everything, to check permanently if everything goes right and to discuss with your colleagues.
The other way is to forget all about planning and to do what you think is right. At this very moment I work this way, haha
My motto: don`t do anything you don`t like!

For the Family
People always ask: is it good or bad working with your own brother? I would say that it`s rather good. We work good together and the fact that we are brothers cab only help. The bad thing is we talk a lot about work even when we are out of the office.

About the Nation
There is a huge problem with the Bulgarian cinema industry. And it`s not only about money. Cinema was gone for 20 years and now there is no people who can deal with it.  It`s impossible to make movies in your free time, like some kind of a hobby. That`s just not right. The cinema has a social role in our society. I really hope that we can solve this problem.
Why am I making movies? Because I love to do it. That`s how I can leave something to the rest of the world!

City Stories
I miss my childhood. It was so nice when we were kids. We could play in the street, we haven`t got any key, because we did`n need it. Kids were free. Now it`s too dangerous to leave our kid alone in the street.

The Architects
I don`t have time for lunch. But sometimes I like to make my meeting in this restaurant. That`s how I can have two rabbits with one bullet. The food here is tasty and the place is cozy. Not too fancy, which I hate. But in fact, since I have kids, I usually try to find a place where my children can feеl comfortable.

In Front of the National Theatre
The garden in front of the National Theatre is one of my favorite places in town. It `s clean and nice and I like to bring my children here. I will say something that I would probably sorry. There are a lot of bad things about Sofia, but that`s not only our mayor fault. People who live here must keep our town clean. I want people to be more responsible, more happy and calm and to make our city beautiful.
Where I like to spend my time? Home, with my kids.

I travel a lot. I can`t say I`m bored with my job. Next week I in Goteborg for the European Premiere of TILT, then we are going to Berlin for Berlinale Festival. I`m pretty sure our film will be liked because it`s very honest, very emotional... I`m sure that people will come out of the cinema hall different. And it`s also funny.
What was the most difficult thing with this movie? The important is that it`s done!


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