Long Walk With Koyna Ruseva

17 March 2011 text Dannie Nikolova, photos Angel Kotzev Studio
The new Bulgarian film Love.net is coming out on the 1st of April. We decided to speed things up and invited one of the leading parts in this film -  Koyna Ruseva, to do a nice, long walk with us in this beautiful spring weather. Like a real Alice in Wonderland, Koyna invited us to jump in her rabbit hole instead. So, that`s how we knew about Koyna`s different worlds, she likes to jump in and out...

The world of hard work and funny moments
When you have three kids you must prepare for the hard work. It`s not always nice and calm. Even so, I can not imagine to have only one child. Maybe I can have even more than three. We`ll see about that. I`m tired, but everyone is tired to live his own life I think. For my children - I want them to be happy with all the things they do, with the life they live. All I want to do now is to be supportive. And one day, when become grown up persons, they`ll make me proud, I hope

The world of silence
Enoteca Uno Restaurant, 45 Vasil Levsi Blvd.
Silent places are my asylum. I like to talk to people, to find who they really are. That`s how I rest from work - talking to interesting people. People are more important to me than places, even the nicest ones.

The other people`s world

This is a world that I really love.  A world of people who are very interesting to me. That`s why I decided to bring you here. I wanted to share that part of my universe with you.  


Theatre is my only world 

Mladejki Theatre, Masha from Three Sisters

I love every one of my parts. They are all mine. To ask about which part I like the most is like to ask who of my three kids I love the most! Every part is a different univers. Even so, I play every one of them with all my love. I could refuse a part only if I decide that it`s to easy to play.  I like to be challenged. I love the movie making too. Theatre and cinema are both part of my work and they both give me a lot of positive emotions. They both are just great. To be an actress for me is the greatest thing ever. It`s not that I am payed well -  but that` s a very serious and difficult subject and I don`t want to talk about it now.

Love.net or the world of truth

I was invited to a casting for Love.net. It was very easy to do the scene I had to, becaouse I felt not like I do a casting, but like I` m home and I`m mad to my dother for some reason. The director liked it and that`s how I got in the movie. I like Love.net. The story is about some people totally lost in internet, people, searching for truth. We have to live more in a real world, than in this cyber universe we live in. We have to say I love you more often. Not only to our children, but also to all the people we feel close to us in some way or onother. Just say I love you more often - that would be nice!


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