Parlez-vous français?

7 March 2019 text Gabriela Kandzheva
At 10:00 in the morning, we enter the colorful room of The Little Bears, full of toys and drawings, and the kids meet us with a song in la langue française, of course.

"Here we are talking only in French and engaging children in many different activities so that they can play and remember different words at the same time. At that age, they learn best during the game," we understand from Jeanne, who started work at the kinder garden in 2012, and in her home in Sofia her family is speaking in both languages. Most of the kids in the group are from this kind of Bulgarian-French families, but there are some children who are here to say the first time un, deux, trois. "At home, no one can use French and the children themselves may not have spoken yet, but listening to the language is very good for them. Between 1 and 3 years is the time for the child to hear the foreign speech so that they can learn other languages later. They all perceive the phonetics - if adults learn language through grammar and reading, kids perceive it entirely in situation and listening."

Hourly kinder garden The Little Bears is on 19 Dyakon Ignatii Str. and is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 13:00
The group includes up to 12 children after payment at the French Institute (Slaveykov 3 Square): 12 BGN per hour, 110 BGN for 10 hours, 200 BGN - 20 hours, 270 BGN - 30 hours, 400 BGN - 50 hours
Contact:; 02 981 19 20; 02 937 79 61


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