The Eternal Waste

13 April 2017 text Emanuela Ivanova
It's everywhere you look - what is it? Plastic, even fish know that. The undegradable waste is going to outnumber the lawful inhabitants of the ocean by the year 2050 and we're all responsible for that - even if we've never lost a single frisbee in the sea.

We'know we can't put and end to production of plastic products once and for all but we can limit it by using less of them. No one is insisting on you giving up the keyboard, your smart phone or, God forbid, your vynil collection, but do you really need...

Chewing gum. It s a mix of synthetic rubber and plastics that will outlive your teeth so just switch to mint candies that have the same effect and at the same time don't stick to nature for all the eternity.

Straws. You can't convince us that you can't drink from a glass or cup, like normal people. Just give it up - straws are for suckers.

Fine-tipped pen. You're not a calligrapher so just use a pencil or a reusable pen to write down the tasks for the day.

Coffee cups. Spare some cash to buy one of the reusable ceramic or bamboo mugs and hand them over to the "barista" that is making the cappuccino you grab on your way to work.

Plastic bags. Just put the two peppers, the one avocado and the single cucumber in one bag while shopping instead of using separate for each. Or even better 0 get yourself a cloth bag - they're everywhere and they are hip.

Water bottles. Get a glass bottle and refill it with water from the machine at the office instead of buying one plastic bottle a day. Or use a Bobble - it has charcoal filter that cleans the tap water.

Plastic utensils.
You don't need all 12 forks at home so bring one of them to the office, along with a spoon and a knife so you won't need to take plastics for your lunch.

If you're still not convinced of your part in poluting the ocean, head over to and check the waste you generate in a year in the Plastic Calculator. The put all the above unneeded plastic in a bag and meet us in fron of The Monument To The Soviet Army to exchange that garbage for literature in the campaign Books for waste.


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