How long do you want to live?

12 October 2017 text Natalia Ivanova
In 1921, Stanford University psychologist Lewis Terman asked several hundred teachers to choose the most gifted children in their classes for a study. No one was  aware of its scale - these 1500 (then 10-year-old) people will keep in touch with him until their death. Or his own in 1956.

This is how the Longevity project begins, which explores the relationship between lifestyle and its duration. The results would have been inconclusivе if the graduate psychologist Leslie Martin (along with her colleague Howard Friedman) had not decided to finish the job. After a total of 80 years of work, the observations of the three scientists are collected in a book (Project Longevity), which is only part of Martin's portfolio. Today she is a professor of psychology at the University of La Sierra in the US and her books and lectures are still exploring the link between social factors and the health risk. Today she is an important guest of Longevity Forum on October 29 in Sofia, but before we hear the recipe for a long (and nice) life, we dig up at least some of the ingredients.


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