The river of life

21 February 2019 text Kristina Yordanova
Imagine the route you are driving every day, but today in your way there is a high wall, and it is impossible to cross the street. You are looking for an alternative option, but you also stand in front of concrete and you are stuck, and in order to survive you have to go over the other side.

This is not a video game story, but the story of fish in all 325 rivers in Bulgaria. Their migration is halted or delayed by 270 hydroelectric power plants, while another 200 are stamped with & quot; allowed & quot; and are about to be built. They change the watercourses, the speed and the flow of the rivers, and although we take them as a green energy, to date many of them do not even work but continue to harm. In this case, the "fishing passage" facility is often missing and this causes great damage to the river ecosystems, and even when it exists, it only works on some species. The final balance is scary: for the past 20 years we have lost 60% of fish populations in the Danube and its tributaries, and 50 species of fish have emerged in our Red Book - 4 of the are extinct, 46 are at risk. Among them are also the sturgeons, which are 200 million years old.

That can be stopped by signing the petiton of preserving the Water Framework Directive, which is protecting the water and by 2027 the water must be in good contition. By 4 of March you can sign on


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