Boxed lunch: marinated tofu and broccoli

31 October 2019
If you find the function of tofu unclear and tasteless, here we give you a recipe that shows the opposite - it just needs a little help to become your favorite. Here it is in a quick office lunch.

The main feature of tofu - a type of soy milk cheese - is just how heartily it absorbs any flavors. Because of this, it lends itself to marinating successfully. Here we will mix soy sauce with a pinch of sugar and a slice of ginger, in which we leave the tofu cubes to rest - perhaps all night in the fridge. If you want to give it more flavor, add rice vinegar and some fresh onions to the marinade plus a little chili.

What else do you need for this composition in a box? Boil some rice and a bouquet of broccoli left in boiling salted water for no more than 4 minutes. To keep them freshly green and slightly crispy after removing them from the hot pan, shock them with a stream of cold water (otherwise they will continue to cook and become too soft). With the tofu, meanwhile, the second step is to remove the pieces from the marinade and dip them in a little flour, and then to the pan, where you should lightly fry.

Architecturally, this lunch looks like this: in the box first goes the chilled rice, then the broccoli and tofu, and on top you sprinkle strips of fresh red pepper so that their freshness and sweetness balance the soy sauce. What else would your palate will be grateful for? A few drops of sesame oil (always cold pressed - the difference is huge) or just fresh sesame; and maybe some of your favorite hot sauce.


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