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26 March 2015 text and photos Sevda Semer
This week we enter the summer savings time, so we leave the red wine and dark beer and order rum for the garden. Well, not just rum - we toured the bars to find the cocktails we would order for you too.

Captain Cosmo

He's crossed seas and mountains to come into the shaker from England - the recipe is a gift for Tobacco Garden Bar from a friend who works in Britain, and is a variation of the Cosmopolitan. The big secret here are the fresh mint leaves: they put them in the bottle and make fragrant rum. Today it's warm outside, so the bartender offers us to drink our Captain out in the garden, while he mixes the rum with Cointreau and cranberry juice. We tried and the name is precise: Captain Cosmo (8.90lv) is a well-known recipe with a pinch of innovative spirit and a sailor hat cocked to the side. We sit in his company in the garden and plan to try their Mai Tai next time - the recipe comes from the Prohibition.

Tobacco Garden Bar
Moskovska 6A

Dr Fun Sun

Aloha! The urban jungle of Oscar Club will welcome you from the door with bright flowers, hanging from the ceiling. At the bar, we order thematically - Doctor Funsun (12.90lv) is served in a special glass from the Tiki culture. "The spirit of Kon-Tiki - we read in the menu - is for every night enthusiast" - just what we need, after all we're on the look for a warm destination. The spirit in the bottle is from Havana Club, coconut liqueur, vanilla and red grape and peach juices. While mixing them, the bartender tells us how his Electric Martini charges with electricity after a few sips (you'll even feel your tongue going numb) - we'll try it next time. Now the glass is in the hands of our funny doctor, who treats us with strong doses of coconut and peach - in addition to the rum the taste is not just good, but fantastic.
Oscar Club
Dobrudzha 1 Str

Daiquiri with mango and curry

We don't want to feel dizzy before ordering, so in By the Way the cocktails are divided into categories (such as Warming and Strong and clear). We decided on a Citrus sour after a recommendation from the bar - the recipes change often, but our Daiquiri with mango and curry (6.99lv) will be here a few more months. It's built on the philosophy of the entire cocktail list in the bar - everything is prepared here. Yes, the mango syrup and tincture of curry as well, plus the freshly squeezed lime juice. The goal of a good cocktail is not to hide the taste of alcohol, as we're explained, but to give it a good company - this daiquiri combines sour and sweet tastes and it's slightly spicy, something that stays on the tip of the tongue like a phrase you remember after the second sip ("Another one, please" - that's we wanted to say).

By the Way
Georgi S. Rakovski 166

Strawberry mojito

"A golden classic!", the bartender smiles after we order our Strawberry Mojito (8,99lv). You know how it is - sometimes you are not in the mood for experimentation, in Raffy you'll find classic recipes with improvements. We love mojito, so we already know the ingredients: white rum, brown sugar, fresh lime, soda and mint leaves, but here the crown goes to the strawberries - in the form of fruit and syrup, they shoot you in the summer right away. The cocktail is fresh and light, it's also good in late afternoon. Next time we'll try the Apple mojito or one of the trio Caipirinha, Caipiroshka and Caipirisima (the second and third are variants with vodka and white rum) and we'll try to come between 17:00 and 22:00 - it's happy hour and cocktails are half price.

Raffy Terassa Bar
Vitosha 18


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