Some like it cold

23 April 2015 text and photos Sevda Semer
We can't think of a reason why now would be considered anything but a perfect time for ice-cream. Now, or any other time, actually. A plain vanilla is fine if we're in a rush and have three minutes, but real happiness (the kind you can buy with money) looks like this. Now let's try to describe how it tastes.

Gelato Italiano

Or italian ice-cream. In La Bottega, the recipe comes from the country that gave birth to gelato, and they make it here from fresh and clean products. After that they freeze it slowly, so as to lose any possibility of ice particles in it and to keep it soft. We go to our table with three scoops: raspberry sorbet, vanilla with prunes, and chocolate Gianduia. The sorbet, as we know, is nothing but frozen fruits - and it's the freshest bite we'll taste this week. As for Gianduia, we have only one question - how is it possible for it to be so rich in taste?
Okay, next time we'll try the new kinds of ice-cream - we're expecting them any time now.

La Bottega Due Piani is at Tsar Shishman 24


You say "now we add a shot of hot espresso", we say "great idea!". We're simple like that. And Ciccione seem to be thinking just like us. Here, they make their own vanilla ice-cream - the "cream" part is bolded, they make it as soft as a cloud. Try the affogato - they pour hot coffee from one of Italy's top brands, Corsini, on top of the icy vanilla. The result will make you want to say out loud, Perfetto!

Ciccione 3 is at Gurko 9


We met with segniore Main Chef, while he tasted the newest ice-cream at Confetti. He told us everything there is to know about the kitchen and knocked us out in two sentences. It seems like they have their own lab to taste new ideas and make the ice cream. When we said this must be the best job, he nodded solemnly, just as if we'd just said Hey, the Earth is round! We tried their dessert Anemone - they make it with fresh prune, Joghurt ice-cream, and whipped cream. Not confetti, but fire works.

Confetti is at Graf Ignatiev

Trio Paco

Sometimes, we come by Talents restaurant only for their desserts, and this must already tell you enough. And you guessed correctly - they are all served with ice-cream. It wasn't easy to choose, but at last we decided on their trio - with pistachios, passion fruit and chocolate. The tastes are extra rich because of the egg yolks and heavy cream, but they know how to serve them so that you won't feel heavy at all. And we also found out they are very cold, yet the textures are divinely light - the road to Heaven, it seems, is paved with homemade buiscuits and ice-cream.
Talents is at Peter Beron 9


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