Well know locals: Osteria San Marco

27 September 2018
Where do you go, when you find yourself in a strange city and it gets to time for dinner? You go right into the next corner and leave the central streets behind your back. We all know what exactly we're looking for: a restaurant with just a few tables, and it seems like they're filled with people from the neighborhood, and the interior is unpretentious as it is undaunted by the perspective of looking too santimental. We use this strategy to find delicious places, because it works. Now we also use it in our own city and look for the best local restaurants.

San Marco is small and nearly invisible, unless you're walking on Tsar Simeon Str and you notice the small patch of fake grass with tables on top of it. If you're looking for a quick bite, you'll see a small sign that says Osteria - in the complicated classification of Italian restaurants, this one is the most unassuming one, almost a local bar with a bite to eat. Which explains the unpretentious interior, the big bar and the small size (altough when you enter you'll discover a larger second floor, where most the tables are - comfortably sharing the space with an antique Singer machine). One look inside the place and you can peak into a part of the kitchen - more than enough to see how one hot portion of spaghetti are just getting plated.
The menu however shows a serious attitude to food. With fresh ravioli and tagliatele, including some with sea food, the main dish here is pasta - but you will also find a few mains with meat, three salads, and antipasto charcuterie and cheese board. The chefs are two Italians, as they will explain to you briefly, if you get curious. Right, let's order: linguine with black mussels (with parsley and a bit of chilli to put a nice ring to it) and one of the most classical Italian recipes: aglio, olio e peperonchino (which rings a bit too loud if you're sensitive to hot food). With them - two glasses of wine, fresh and light, to make the pasta taste even more lively.

As the tables around us get busy with families and couples coming in for a long lunch, we're ready for desert (served with black coffee, they don't make cappuccino): panna cotta and tiramisu. The classics which you sometimes are happy to get at their most traditional recipe, made with quality products - we notice the black dots of vanilla at the bottom of the panna cotta. The simple things are for that - so that you've got nothing to take out of them, nor there is a need to add anything extra.

Osteria San Marco is at 82 Tsar Simeon Str and 0894 377 807
Mon 12:00-17:00, Tue-Fri 12:00-22:00, Sat 12:30-16:30


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