4 October 2018 text Kristina Yordanova artworks Boris Pramatarov
We have a new place for electro parties in the town and there's no photos of it. Come in with us and find out why.

Around 22:30 we are part of the line that is waiting to enter the place and when we're finally in here's what we see at the Shipka 6 str. The lights are dope and the rays of color are moving with us looking for a personal space to move. We see a wall with visuals, trying to analyse them for a moment. Then the DJ pult is moving far away from it and around it the people are forming a circle saying "hi" to their new favourite place for parties.

The will be a concept followed every week - Origin - house music with tribal motives, We Trap and a classic house/electro party with resident djs and guests from outside.

The photos are taboo and the breakers of this rule will stay out of the club for a month, but no worries, a place for photos exists: the chill zone. With a total contrast with the futuristic face of the main room, we see retro vibe with neon inscriptions and furnuture with a bar for a fresh drink.

Exe is at 6 Shipka Str, @execlub.bg and on 0882332222
Open Thu-Sat after 22:30


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