Boxed lunch: Japanese omelette with rice

25 October 2018
You know the food map around the office as you know your five fingers. Pretty boring, but also in your hands is the solution for a better lunch break. We start giving you ideas for a box from home, filled with easy recipes to prepare quickly the night before or the morning before leaving.

Perhaps it was clear from the picture that we were preparing something asian. If you are in, you only need two special products you can easily find in larger stores: crispy nori (like the ones used for sushi) and rice vinegar. We mix the vinegar with equal amounts of sugar and salt from the evening before to season cucumbers and carrots. Leave them in the refrigerator until the next morning so the tastes can mix so that they can make these simple vegetables a better taste.

Good morning, we keep going with the rice. Thousands of species are grown in the world, but today we get the one you're most likely to have: short-grain white. It is easiest to cook if you stop thinking about how much water you need for a glass of rice and boil it almost like pasta - with more water and half a teaspoon of salt over medium heat, then try and strain at your own discretion.

The omelet follows. The most important thing about it is not to overdo it with the power of the hot plate, now and ever, when it comes to eggs. Beat two with a little salt and enough energy to get in some air, put them in a buttered pan, mix and leave them for a moment. As soon as it begins to cook, start rolling the omelette step by step with a thin spatula, and finally cut it into pieces to make it easier to eat.

So after 15 minutes we have rice, chopped nori, omelette and salad, to which we add a piece of lime and perhaps a little black sesame. Will you mix everything in a box or will you bring the salad in another box to keep the tastes separate? It's you call.


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