Two handfulls, please

19 September 2019
Burgers? Forget about burgers, at least when you go to the new Mangia Station for the first time. Not that they are not on the menu, but fill your handfuls with what they do to best.

They may have opened a few days ago, but these people are not new recruits - they have been gaining experience on the street food battlefield since 2016, when they start getting orders through the window of their Mangia van. Now they are branching out to a permanent stop at Crystal with more room, draft beer and a few wooden tables at the front, and we sit down at noon to try what's hot.

From the short menu, we start by pointing out the fried chicken wings that come out juicy, with crispy potatoes and mayongini sauce (mayonnaise + ginger). We continue to a trio of tacos with slow cooked roast pork, veal mince and pulled veal - the meat is tender and goes super well with the tomato sauce. We approach the veggie version more timidly, because plant options are often boring. Not here - their bean and guacamole tortillas, tomato salsa, zucchini and grilled vegetables are our favorite taco threesome in town. With each bite, you can tell they make everything here from the sauce to the tortilla and that's way more importrant for them then say being authentically Mexican - so they play a lot with our local ingredients and preferences. Most people here, for example, do not like things too hot, so at the bar you're served the mild banana peppers "just for some atmosphere in the mouth". However, if you are a fan of fierce flavours, they also have a secret jar with Carolina Ripper, the hottest pepper in the world. Ask for it if you'd like to cry.

Mangia station is at Crystal garden, opens at around 11:00 till 22:00


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