Catching a golden fish

10 October 2019
Give the man a fish and you will feed him for one day; give him the address of the Bacchus FISH Fest and you'll feed him for two. That's more than enough, because fishermen and chefs share their wealth from the nets - on October 19 and 20, when Sitnyakovo Market captures a whole passage of 30+ stands, all around seafood, at the entrance of 5 BGN from

From 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening, on both days, under the shelter we feel the aromas of squid floating in the correct spices; good French gastronomy; street food from Asia; Russian caviar pancakes; and since we are in a month with the letter "r" - say oysters, because their season has come. White wine? Yes, from several areas, but open your palate for more combinations - there will be beer, aniseed turkey raki, ouzo or single-malt whiskey soaked in sea salt from the shoreline it was created from. Some more? Thanks, but we'll have it to go: here you will be able to meet with several farms, for example the only one in Bulgaria for the cultivation of African catfish with a gentle aroma, while a wild catch imported from Greece lies on a neighboring stand. And the whole truth is even richer: if you decide you still want to study craft, look for booth demonstrations. With that, all our wishes are fulfilled.


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