Cup of Joe

12 November 2015
First we look at the color, then we take a sip around our mouth to taste the body and flavour, and then we explore the aftertaste. No, we're not someliers, actually we do this with a cup or two of coffee at Chucky's.

The coffee you will drink in your lifetime is enough to fill 150 bathtubs. It's not a joke, somebody actually did the math. So it's ridicilous for us to state that a single cup of coffee will change your life, but at least you have a good reason to try and take notice of what you drink. We know where they will help you with this - at the small space at Hristo Belchev. Not that someone will expect you to state you feel oak flakes and baked cinnamon on your tongue, or to change your habits - actually they will ask you what's your favorite way of having coffee and they will work with that.


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