Since the first bite

7 April 2016
It's hard to be communicative just after you've woken up. But even then there are some words that can change your mood, like: "What do you want for breakfast?" Today we're meeting Miam - two young people, sharing their passion for food and the common view on what should the food be like.

These are Mira and Angel, who first met on the running trail. Now they are making pop-up breakfast and brunch on unusual places or can just simply enter your home as a personal chefs, because in their opinion "the home is the new restaurant".

 In a place, different from a restaurant, they are serving a well done food, which puts not only a taste in our dish, but also a whole new experience. You take a gourmet bites, a cup of coffee and after that you can end up having a nice conversation with someone.

Being a chef without a restaurant means less costs, which allows them to use quality products. One of the most important rules is: "even if it's something really simple, the good ingredients can make it totally delicious."

Before Mira's proposal, Angel has participated in several culinary competitions, winning the title "Young chef", and also in a few courses and internships.

Together, the two of them have 16 years in the field, which is easily evident by the way they move between the plates. This is the moment when we leave them, putting the next date for their brunch on the calendar - 10 April at Kanaal.


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