A Simple Space

A Simple Space

Choreography and Performance: Gravity & Other Myths - Australia
Duration: 60'
A contemporary circus piece is coming from faraway Australia to premiere on the Bulgarian stage. A SIMPLE SPACE is an extreme demonstration of strength and skills by seven acrobats who will fly over your heads. Hang on because it’s all for real.

There’s no safety net. No ropes. No technical assistance.
The stage is a stripped back circus arena and a spaceport for breathtaking launches for artists who consider gravity a myth. In this raw and delicate performance, the audience will feel the thrill of risk and see every electrical impulse in the acrobats’ bodies.

With nothing left to hide behind, personal narratives shine through. These seven skilled acrobats are ready to push their physical limits without reserve and to challenge the laws of physics. This honesty is the essence of A Simple Space.

There is no set and contrived theatrical overlay. There is no fine-tuning, lighting effects or sound effects. There is no make-up or special costumes. No tricks. Instead – brute strength and cat-like agility of real humans supported by driving percussion.


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