• Benin City

    Benin City
    Benin City is a London trio whose music can’t be labelled by a single tag. Yes, it is pop; whether it is electro-, indie-, synth-, dance-, however, you are invited to decide for yourselves.
  • Fink

party time

  • Trikk

    He comes from Portugal with electro music printed by the Innervisions label owned by DJs Dixon and Âme, and here his company makes Impérieux, which pierces the air with its beats first.
  • Jin Monic (DJ set)


  • On the phone with Strugare

    On the phone with Strugare

    On the phone with Strugare
    We're talking with musician Strugare ahead of his show at Exe club on March 18. When he picks up, it's quite noisy around, so I ask him twice: can you speak now? He says yes, it's just that he never stops working. Like any artist - musical and otherwise, who eventually finds his own thing. Only he got his right from the start, his first music video back in 2016 with spoken word and experimental music. See where he's headed with his SHOU to promote his debut album Strugare.
  • 25 songs, 1 agent

    25 songs, 1 agent
    The James Bond films have a special connection with music ever since the first one in 1962. Right before the new episode in November and it's song, we now remember some of the tunes to which Agent 007 has rhymed his dry jokes and fast pistols over the years.


  • The things of life: Magdalena Petrovich

    The things of life: Magdalena Petrovich
    When we heard her do whatever she wanted with the cello live, we decided we had to quickly figure out who she was. So we learned that Magdalena was playing in Genesis Orchestra and is part of Gоrecki's great Symphony No. 3 with Lisa Gerrard, ...
  • The Queen of Belgium
  • Pavel Teriyski's playlist