• Obscura

    Here they come - the Germans, led by Steffen Kummerer, are focusing on their latest album Diluvium after the veterans God Dethroned warm up the stage with their dynamic set.
  • The Bingo Project

party time

  • Visionquest Showcase

    Visionquest Showcase
    Techno pilots "search for personal communication with the spirit world" as they write on their Facebook page. Now two of them are coming with their spiritual beats in Koncept.
  • Elrow

classical music



  • The Queen of Belgium

    The Queen of Belgium
    Justine Bourgeus has a studio in her home in Brussels mixing experimental, electronic and pop music, greeted by the twists and turns of the Middle East. Her name is Tsar B on stage, and she is often compared to FKA Twigs and Björk. When the ...
  • Pavel Teriyski's playlist
  • Lazy Sunday Mix: Alexandra Nikolova