party time

  • Pyramid

    Psych stoner rock from Germany breaks the air at the Bee Bop Cafe, where the band comes for a gig with guitar, bass and drums.

classical music

  • A Little Night Music

    A Little Night Music
    In the Little Night Music series, we meet conductor Andrea Vitello, who has received international recognition for Warner Classics album with soloists from the La Scala Orchestra (I Solisti della Scala).


  • 25 songs, 1 agent

    25 songs, 1 agent
    The James Bond films have a special connection with music ever since the first one in 1962. Right before the new episode in April and it's song, we now remember some of the tunes to which Agent 007 has rhymed his dry jokes and fast pistols over the years.
  • 4 songs by... Fink

    4 songs by... Fink
    Fin Greenall is able to talk with the same fire about metal, techno and everything in between, and maybe that's why he first spins with an electric pulse and then buys a few guitars for his indie folk songs. The Brit begins his flight with the dance album Fresh Produce from 2000, which hits camp with its juicy samples.
  • 4 songs by... New Candys


  • The things of life: Magdalena Petrovich

    The things of life: Magdalena Petrovich
    When we heard her do whatever she wanted with the cello live, we decided we had to quickly figure out who she was. So we learned that Magdalena was playing in Genesis Orchestra and is part of Gоrecki's great Symphony No. 3 with Lisa Gerrard, ...
  • The Queen of Belgium
  • Pavel Teriyski's playlist