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  • SEVI

    Sevi are one of those bands that is difficult to get in the concept of  "BG rock ". The sound, songs, vision and concept of the group stand out girls and boys from Sevi of bulgarian scene and can easily make the group a favorite of ...

classical music

  • Don Carlo

    Don Carlo
    Don Carlos is a Grand Opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi to a French language libretto by Camille du Locle and Joseph Méry, based on the dramatic play Don Carlos, Infant von Spanien (Don Carlos, Infante of Spain) by Friedrich Schiller.


  • 4 songs by... New Candys

    4 songs by... New Candys

    4 songs by... New Candys
    33.3% rock, 33.3% roll and 33.4% psychedelia. We don't know why they deleted that description from Facebook, their math is not bad, but we're here for another thing.
  • The playlist of 2010-2020

    The playlist of 2010-2020
    Since 2010, music platforms have sent us in so many different genre directions that no one is saying "I only listen to this".
  • 4 songs by... The Chemical Brothers
  • What we didn't know about... Bruce Dickinson


  • The Queen of Belgium

    The Queen of Belgium
    Justine Bourgeus has a studio in her home in Brussels mixing experimental, electronic and pop music, greeted by the twists and turns of the Middle East. Her name is Tsar B on stage, and she is often compared to FKA Twigs and Björk. When the ...
  • Pavel Teriyski's playlist
  • Alexandrina Alexandrova's playlist