• Serpuhi Sarkisyan

    Serpuhi Sarkisyan
    24 year old Serpuhi Sarkisyan is one of Armenia's young musicians. She has already had successful participation in some of the world's music programs such as X Factor Armenia, The Voice Ukraine and Eurovision.

party time

  • Optimuss

    Optimuss is a Techno producer and a DJ from Russia who has attracted the attention of almost all the underground stars of the foreign scene.

classical music

  • Turandot

    At the heart of the work lies repeatedly being developed legend of the cruel Chinese princess Turandot. Despite her reputation hundreds of nobles try to guess the three riddles and win her hand, but one after another all fail and are beheaded.


  • 4 songs by... Fink

    4 songs by... Fink

    4 songs by... Fink
    Fin Greenall is able to talk with the same fire about metal, techno and everything in between, and maybe that's why he first spins with an electric pulse and then buys a few guitars for his indie folk songs. The Brit begins his flight with the dance album Fresh Produce from 2000, which hits camp with its juicy samples.
  • 4 songs by... New Candys

    4 songs by... New Candys
    33.3% rock, 33.3% roll and 33.4% psychedelia. We don't know why they deleted that description from Facebook, their math is not bad, but we're here for another thing.
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  • 4 songs by... Hooverphonic


  • The Queen of Belgium

    The Queen of Belgium
    Justine Bourgeus has a studio in her home in Brussels mixing experimental, electronic and pop music, greeted by the twists and turns of the Middle East. Her name is Tsar B on stage, and she is often compared to FKA Twigs and Björk. When the ...
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