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  • Memory of the gallery 1

    Memory of the gallery 1
    The Vazrazdane Gallery decided every year to organize a commemorative exhibition of artists with whom it has worked over the years and who are no longer among us.  This year the exhibition will be dedicated to Dimitar Lalev (1952 - 2007), ...
  • Geraksi Geraksiev
  • Dimitar Genchev


  • 7 Moments of Galina Atanasova

    7 Moments of Galina Atanasova
    Broken videotapes, plastic bags, slices of bread, torn magazines and old poems, photos and drawings of hers. Such things can coexist inside one of the gloomy digital collages that Galina uploads to her Instagram. She often names them after songs ...
  • 7 Moments of Simeon Hristov
  • 7 Moments of Andreea Iuliana