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    Language: English
    Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
    Genre: Drama, Biographic, Historical
    UK, 2019, 117'
    Director: Rupert Gould
    Cast: Renee Zellweger, Jesse Buckley, Finn Whitock, Rufus Sue
    As a young girl, Judy Garland has been brought up to give what the crowd wants: as soon as the floodlights dazzle her and the music goes off, she shakes her head and starts singing, dancing and playing her magnetic charm.

    Well, only sometimes - at the end of her life she happens to not take the right note because she's overdone with alcohol and pills, and then a well-paying public watch her with bread. It happens in her final year, when Judy's financial problems leave her home in the States, and a proposal to sing for a few weeks at an English club promises to clear her bank account. She goes to London and months later her new, fifth husband will find her dead from an overdose in their apartment, but before that, glamorous nights are on stage, and that's where the director with theatre experience shows her. In addition to singing and makeup lessons, Renee Zellweger has many hours of studying the star of The Wizard of Oz. The actress convincingly turns into Judy, who as a child begins to receive amphetamines from her agent for breakfast and sedatives for a good night. Here the story of the bloodthirsty glory is told with the necessary emotions, sentimentality and respect for the wild, but at times it seems that the film is more excited about the legend than the breathing person in it. What makes him shiver with excitement, however, lies precisely in the lead role.


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