The Truth: Lost at Sea

The Truth: Lost at Sea

Original title: The Truth: Lost at Sea

Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Documentary
Jordan/Canada, 2017, 56'
Writer: Rifat Audeh
Director: Rifat Audeh
In 2010, a group of global activists and concerned citizens came together to launch the Freedom Flotilla, a convoy of humanitarian ships, to highlight the suffering of Palestinians in illegally-blockaded Gaza, and break this blockade. Israel attacked the Flotilla, killing and wounding dozens and imprisoning the hundreds more of international participants.

This historic event transformed into a battle for the hearts and minds of the world. Shot from aboard the Freedom Flotilla, narrated by one of its survivors and following up subsequent media coverage, the film reveals how the civilian ships were attacked in international waters, and how the dead activists and their comrades who defended their vessels were portrayed in the aftermath.

The film tells the story of the life-changing voyage preparations and launch, utilizing numerous footage sources, and analysing claims of Israeli spokespersons. These claims are juxtaposed with the survivors’ statements, including some never-before-seen footage from aboard the vessels. The film reveals what really happened and how it was spun in traditional and online media outlets.


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