Good Day's Work

Good Day's Work

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018, 75'
Director: Martin Turk
Armin is unemployed for a long time, and he desperately needs a job. His wife Jasmina is pregnant; his son Edin has behavioral problems at school. He has a promising interview for the position of a school caretaker. When his car won’t start on the morning of the interview, he starts walking.

Almost in front of his eyes a cyclist is injured in a hit-and-run. Armin calls up the ambulance, police. By the time he finally makes it, the interviews are already over. Armin bumps into Izet on the school entrance, he is the one that got the job. Before he can reveal his latest failure to Jasmina, another work offer suddenly arrives. His brother-in-law takes him to a slaughterhouse on the outskirts of town, but it soon becomes apparent he doesn’t have the stomach to be a butcher. Incidentally, his caretaker qualifications land him the position of a security guard. Armin is thrilled. Things are finally going his way. On his first day at work, Armin stumbles on a scene that leads him to discover workers in the slaughterhouse are stealing. He again decides to do the right thing, and tells the truth.


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