Nadar the First of All Photographers

Nadar the First of All Photographers

Original title: Nadar the First of All Photographers

Genre: Documentary
France, 2018, 52'
Directed by: Michèle Dominici
Thanks to this pioneering portrait photographer of the 19th century, the faces of Charles Baudelaire, Victor Hugo, Jules Vernes, Sarah Bernardt or Richard Wagner are well-known and familiar to us, even today.

Nadar managed to have each of these monuments of European culture come to his studio to have their picture taken for posterity. By exploring the advent of photography through these iconic characters, this film shows how the reproduction of reality shook our world. With the emergence of this new media accessible to everyone, the magnitude of celebrities takes an unprecedented scale. Creator of icons and a superstar himself – this duality anchors Nadar’s works in history as the generator of a “celebrity culture” that we continue to embrace until today.


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