Heart of love

Heart of love

Language: Polish
Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Poland, 2017, 74'
Director: Lukasz Ronduda
Cast: Justina Vasilevska, Jacek Ponezhalek, Magdalena Cheletska, Patrick Pnevski
Wojciech's romantic history - one of the most popular performance artists in Poland, and Zuzana - an artist and poet, is painfully realistic. Compatibility between narcissism and love is the main theme that we reflect on with the film.

Wojciech Bonkowski is one of the most charismatic contemporary performance artists in Poland with a fully developed stage image. Zuzana Bartošek draws, writes poetry and suffers from a rare autoimmune disease that gives her a unique appearance. Heart of Love is a music movie exploring the connection between narcissism and love. In this futuristic romance, eccentric outsiders create a world in which they can control everything except their own feelings. Are partners really in love with each other or are they just fascinated by their own mirror reflections? She is a poet and artist whose artistic debut is yet to come. He is an established performance artist and musician. Two strangers, recognizing each other as similar, being different from each other. But even though they love each other, they are also artistic rival.

  • G-8 Cinema

    23 September (Wednesday), 21:30

    24 September (Thursday), 21:45


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