Letters from Antarctica

Letters from Antarctica

Language: Bulgarian
Genre: Drama
Bulgaria, 2019, 110'
Director: Stanislav Donchev
Cast: Irmena Chichikova, Simeon Angelov, Maya Baburska, Diana Dimitrova, Ivan Stamenov, Hristo Pimpirev
If you know the work of Stanislav Donkov (director of  Rapid Reaction Corps and the series Forbidden Love and Where is Maggie?), you may initially be worried whether the film will go into melodrama or deliberate humor. After the first few minutes, this fear is dispelled - Letters from Antarctica is actually a good idea, developed well in a script that is quite sincere.

Diana (Irmena Chichikova), mother of the 8-year-old Nicky, is not gathering her strength to tell his son that his father was killed in a crash, so he changes his address from Ruse to Sofia and postpones the bad news with the lie that his dad left an expedition to Antarctica. This entails letters, parcels and photographs that she sends to the child herself, while in the meantime her parents' fears and responsibilities are placed as an elephant in the room. It's good that the story is credible (including the acting) to a similar situation in reality, without the film being social realism or following the Hollywood model. Well, the latter maybe somewhat - the highly dramatic music emphasizes each scene as a glowing sign, as if we needed guidance on when our heart would shrink.



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