Original title: Abominable
Language: English
Translation: subdubs
Genre: Comedy, Cartoon, Adventure
USA, 2019, 97'

Directors: Jill Coulton, Todd Wilderman
Dubed in Bulgarian with the voices of: Divna Stancheva, Nikola Bozhilov, Vladimir Zombori, Vasilka Sugareva, Petya Abadzhieva, Peter Varbanov, Elena Rusalieva, Hristo Cheshmedzhiev
The next kids movie is big, fluffy and simple just like its main character - a frightened giant baby yeti caught in a blinking neon Shanghai.

The good story tells how teenage girl Yi finds him on his roof and with two other friends they head to the Himalayas - to bring the creature home, and because she travels a lot on it, as she had planned with her already deceased father. In the meantime, a corporate villain and his greyhound are running in their footsteps, who want a yeti in their zoo collection, but there is no doubt that the good monster will win here. The movie is DreamWorks' first cross-cultural project with China's Pearl Studio, so it's a bit more cautious, but a checkerboard with landscapes from the far East - now is the time to marvel at the giant Buddha carved in a rock in Sichuan while the little one goes to you go crazy over the magical powers of the yeti to make a rain of giant blueberries.


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