Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory

Original title: Dolor y gloria
Language: Spanish
Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Drama
Spain, 2019, 113'
Director: Pedro Almodovar
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Asier Echeandia, Penelope Cruz, Cecilia Roth
"I had the feeling that this film was running so smoothly and so seductively that it could go on for another 5 hours," Guardian wrote for the 21st stone in Almodovar's crown.

The director, who turned 70 this year, however, has 2 hours to look with nostalgia and a mature awareness to look back at his own life. Pain and greatness is not his autobiography, but it is so personal, soaked in auto references and typical of his cinematic manner that he can pass for his business card. The tribute brings together actors he has worked with at various stages in his career, most notably Banderas, who first starred in an Almodovar film nearly 40 years ago (Maze of Passion from 1982). As if born of the role, he is Salvador Malo - a great director in a show who has long shot nothing, and his creative blockbuster is in sync with the health crises that make his aging painfully tangible. The stir begins when he reunites the star of one of his masterpieces, with whom they have not talked for decades, but with him come several doses of heroin, and the memory of a forgotten play script, which now reaches the stage and brings back more people from the past him in the present. With the constant fusion of yesterday and today, both fact and fiction make the film a beautiful dream, with Penelope Cruz as the mother of El Salvador as a youngster. And although pain is more than greatness in this warm tale of the autumn of life, it is so sensual, witty, and at times comical, that we would actually give it a few hours more.



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