A Rainy Day in New York

A Rainy Day in New York

Original title: A Rainy Day in New York
Language: English
Translation: Bulgarian subtitles
Genre: Drama, Comedy
USA, 2019, 92'
Director: Woody Allen
Cast: Timothy Shalame, El Faning, Selena Gomez, Live Shreiber, Jude Law
Woody Allen's 49th movie will go into the archives with the story of New York and may never be shown in this city.

Amazon Studio stripped it of its US premiere because the #MeToo wave added a spark to long-running allegations against the director, who responded with actions in court. Anyway, A Rainy Day in New York already floods Europe, showing Manhattan today so nostalgic that only the iPhones in the frame testify that we are not in a bygone era. The story brings together a neurotic wise man from a wealthy New York family (Timothy Shalame in a role that Woody himself loved to play), his provincial girlfriend who studies Journalism (El Fanning as a stunned big-city blonde) and a novice actor who can start off immediately kissing a stranger in front of the camera (Selena Gomez, who is the least shocked to play a Woody Allen movie). Saying that the three enter a love triangle is perhaps an overkill. On this long and rainy day, the journalist is on a whirlwind of interviews with influential film industry men (who take her down) as her friend wanders around the city and in an attempt to escape her relatives, falls into the actress's hands. Through Vitorio Storaro's camera, we observe all this through a romantically conceived window - the vision is as beautiful and showered as in the still-filmed Social Life, which, however, was for Hollywood in the 1930s. Do we ask again Woody Allen what year it is?



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