A dose of happiness

A dose of happiness

Language: Bulgarian
Genre: Drama, Romantic
Bulgaria/UK, 2019, 100’
Director and writer: Yana Titova
Cast: Valentina Karoleva, Dimitar Nikolov, Aleksandyr Aleksiev, Irmena Chichikova, Asen Blatechki
When it comes to a film that is straightforward about heroin addiction, most of us think of Trainspotting. However, if you came across the German Christian F. - We, the children of the Berlin Railway Station from1981, you are already aware of what constitutes a strong social drama in the context of a communist state - so important that it has been shown to this day in schools in Germany.

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    5 March (Thursday), 20:30

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    28 February (Friday), 13:45

    2 March (Monday), 14:00

    3 March (Tuesday), 14:45

    4 March (Wednesday), 14:15

    5 March (Thursday), 14:30


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