18% grey

18% grey

Language: Bulgarian, English, German
Genre: Drama
Bulgaria/UK/Germany/Republic of North Macedonia/Serbia/Belgium/Hungary, 2020, 111'
after Zachary Karabashliev's novel of the same title
Director: Viktor Chouchkov
Writers: Hilary Norrish, Dolya Gavanski, Zachary Karabashliev
Cast: Ruscen Vidinliev, Dolya Gavanski, Samuel Finzi, Ron Cook, Joke Emmers, Boris Van Severen, Norman Bowman, Susanne Wuest, Orlando Seale, Madeleine Cannon
"Am I a gloomy introvert, or a ruthless chronicler" - photographer Zack (Rushen Vidinliev) wonders how to present his work, and will wander between the two until the end of the film, based on Zahari Karabashliev's novel.

Zack will look over the rocks as he reflects on his lost love - with his wife Stella (Dolya Havanski) are moving from Varna to London, hoping for a better future, but she shatters everything by abandoning him a few years later. He is about to make us sympathetic to his torn heart, which leads him on a lonely journey through Europe in search of a new meaning, when Zack begins to think about the chronicle of events - and it turns out that he is not good, but controlling and emotionally immature. Along the way, he is a melancholic, but also an adventurer, eager to meet anyone. Tilt's director, Victor Chuchkov-son, sprinkles his footsteps here with the sad piano of Chuchkov-father, or with panting scenes, filmed with the flickering camera of Nenad Boroevich. As the name implies, 18% gray is about the tension between black and white, while a man learns about himself, love, hashish and photography. If you are a fan of the book, you already feel that this is not a literary adaptation (that the action takes place in Europe, not in the US, is the slightest difference), which manages to become a story, related but separate from the novel as well.


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