Away from the shore

Away from the shore

Language: Bulgarian
Genre: Drama
Bulgaria/Ukraine, 2018, 135'
Director: Kostadin Bonev
Writers: Kostadin Bonev, Evgeni Kuzmanov, Nikola Petkov
Music: Nikolay Ivanov
Cast: Penko Gospodinov, Stefan Valdobrev, Joreta Nikolova, Yoanna Boukovska-Davidova, Mariy Rosen, Antonio Dimitrievski
During an offshore storm, a ship loses its captain and, jokingly, gets behind the wheel by the Tapata, an unnoticed sailor who soon becomes a dictator and subdues the crew with fear and repression.

It is actually Todor Zhivkov, as anyone can guess, if you habe read A seagull away from the shores from Evgeny Kuzmanov - a novel that came out almost between the drops in 1983 but was subsequently seized from libraries. We see this ship's satire of totalitarianism in the film as a play that a tetral director (Penko Gospodinov) puts in the small town where he was ousted from power by Sofia. However, during rehearsals, the border between reality and the game begins to blur and reveal that the story with the captain (Stefan Valdobrev) is still valid today.



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