12 - 29 November 2015
Our evenings for the next two weeks are already booked - Cinemania smuggles nearly 60 movies in the hours after work between 12 and 29 November. Only the lucky ones will watch all, so we mark down thse 14 as must-see while we brace ourselves for the turbulency of Losers by Ivaylo Hristov - the story about love and loneliness between a few high-schoolers in a small town will open the festival on 12 November at 19:00 in the National Palace of Culture, Hall 1.

Irrational Man
Joaquin Phoenix is a sad philosophy professor, who is in the company of the yound college student Emma Stone and his mature co-worker Parker Posey. When one day he shows up all happy, nobody knows why - except Woody Allan, who wrote the recipe for the perfect murder.

Steve Jobs
A brilliant visionary with a silicon chip instead of a heart - in this movie the creator of the Apple is exactly like that and a bit over the top. We watch because of the fierce Michael Fassbender, the bold approach of the director Danny Boyle and the emotion that will leave you breathless.

Listen to me, Marlon

We are the ones actually listening - the new documentary of the adored, yet scary and enigmatic Marlon Brando plays never before heard recordings of his private record. There are no interviews or people talking - he does all the talking.

The possiblities of cinema make the crulest Shakespearean drama a haunting experience. Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are two natural forces in the roles of the man, who desires the Scottish throne and his wife, who flares the fire inside of him.

Sorrentino shows the true tenderness of this movie about two old friends at a spa vacation in the Swiss Alps. The picture is a real jem and Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel are real diamands in their stylish jackets.

We will see a recording of the live performance of the play with Benedict Cumberbatch, performed in London last month. They say his acting is A+, but the play itself receives a C because of its modernized language and excessive melodrama. We'll see.

Mr. Holmes
Sir Ian McKellen stars as Sherlock, aged 90, with arthritis and a milgly foggy mind, but nontheless he takes up a case that has plagued the last 3 decades. The movie is more of an eulogy and turns its attention to the characters, but the crimi details are enough to keep the brain awake.

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
A look inside the life of the mysterious and fiery woman, who created simultaneously one of the most significant modern art collections and the most diverse personal collection of lovers from all art fields.

Roger Waters: The Wall

Striking as sound and picture, this luxurious film is much more than a tour movie of The Wall Live. The live music runs together with Roger's memories about his father and grandfather (killed in the war) and his ideas about peace and understanding.

Life is an Eternal Swing
The Belgian Andre Shandel steps into the world of Sentimental Swingers with his camera to see how Dessy, Ronnie, Vera and three of their musicians manage to live a normal life in not quite a normal country without losing hope. The screening is on 18 November at Hall 1 at 19:00 and will be accompanied by a concert of the group.

A documentary drama with Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett about a case in 2004, when the show 60 Minutes reveals that President George bush has avoided military service. The price? The announcer and the producer lose their jobs in a hurraicane of criticism.

Rock The Kasbah
Bill Muray is a failed musical manager who finds out a teenager with a great voice while touring Afganistan and decides to let her compete in the TV show Afgan Star, Bruce Willis and Zooe Dechanel are also in the game.

Ricky and The Flash
We would've passed by this one were it nor for Meryl Streep. Wearing torn jeans and a guitar, she comes back home to patch up the relationships with her family, including with one of her daughters in real life - Maimie Gummer.

Heat Stroke

The new movie of Nikita Mihalkov is over 3 hours long and comes with mixed reviews. It tells the story of love, that has been consumated only once, but has left an imprint for years. The lieutenant is reminded of it while the Russian empire crumbles under the Communist revolution.

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