Rhapsody in Black

25 September 2008 text Irina Marinova, photos Ilian Rujin
Iavor Gardev already rules the of theater world so he decided to try and conquer the cinema. His first step – Zift – is so splendid we are looking at him with awe. After months of talk about the success of the movie at a number of festivals this week Zift finally hits the screens here. In the meantime, Iavor is working on his next two cinema projects and his new play had its premiere in Varna.

Russian media named you Guy Ritchie and Tarantino of East Europe and Bulgarian journalists applauded long after the first screening of Zift here. Are you flattered by these reactions?
Praise only sharpens my feeling of responsibility.Now I'm right in the trap of my achievement and there's no turning back. Actually raising the expectations and the requirements towards yourself is a tricky but ultimately stimulating thing. It demands a lot but keeps you fit.

Did you expect the success of this movie or do you get excited about every award and praise?
I'm trying to look like I'm calm but I'm really excited on the inside. I'm actually a constant feed for my own emotions and they eat me with quite an appetite.

What was the most important happening during the festivals?
There was one remarkable coincidence. Last summer, on the first shooting day of Zift Ingmar Bergman passed away. This summer at the last festival day in Moscow Liv Ulmann gave us a head start in the movie world (the famous actress showed great respect for the whole Zift crew and even gave Iavor a kiss).

What's your biggest success around Zift?
Liv's kiss.


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