In Vitro Transformation

12 February 2009 text Galina Keremedchieva, pictures Ivailo Dobrev
The realization of the project In Vitro is coming to its end. We aren’t talking about the national program for childless couples, but for a short movie with that actual title, produced by Artin Vision.
We met the director Alexander Nikolov just after shots of one of the finale scenes. The date for the premiere is still not set, because the movie needs to be edited and an author’s music to be composed.

The term In Vitro became rather popular, even scandalous during the last few months. Is that actuality deliberate?
It is not deliberately searched. The idea for the movie and the story, we are working on, is from last year. The movie doesn’t interest in the scandal, in the finance part of the problem. We concern more general questions – the attempt to save the person beside you, not to hurt him, even the combination of circumstances.

You mean that the characters are not bound by concrete time and place and the story does not expect social response?
Not if you mean the scandal. We even wondered whether to change the title and purposely created characters without any financial problems. Their problem is different: they had some unsuccessful in vitro trials and it turned out that the man is sterile. So she has to try with another man, but she needs her husband’s agreement. She knows that will bring him to grief. The main idea is how a humble woman and a good wife can transform herself according to circumstances and the man beside her.

How it’s possible to fit such a complicated situation in 7 or 10 minutes?
It is not easy and some people think that slubbers over the job. I go by the philosophy that you can get to know Paris for 3 days ore for 3 years. There’s no middle situation. So is the case with the general themes in cinema – you can tell the stories in few minutes or in a full-length movie.
Short movie is another kind of art and I like it, because it make me impendent.


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