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7 May 2009 text Dima Chakyrova, photos Valentin Danevski for Angel Kocev Studio
Asen Blatechki loves to play and he does it well. He’s especially satisfied because of his new monospectacle Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll in Modern Theatre, and the public likes it as well. The programme of the actor for May and June is overfilled with engagements, but it doesn’t bother him at all – he’s happy and he finds a little time to drive fast his car or to surf.

After two very successful versions of the play Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll how you took the plunge to make your own version?
Carefully because Ivaylo Hristov is a teacher of mine, and I have watched his performance of this play over 20 times. I feel the text very close to me and I think that if you begin to work with it, you should have what to say to the public. Mostly I wanted to compete with myself.

What makes your version different from the others?
Myself. Even if there are ten versions of one play, the actors which are playing them are important – they make the difference between the versions.

The monospectacle is maybe the highest theatrical art and the hardest part of it?
I hate the monospectacles, because in the theatre the most important thing is the partnership – you can be good, if your partner is good. It seems to me very egocentric to stand on the stage by your own and to think that you are so interesting that you can entertain the people two hours alone. But this case is different, because for this time I play ten absolutely different characters and I have a partner all this time – it’s the public. I tell the people stories and they respond to me. This play is a big fun, ‘cause in a short time you can construct densely ten portraits. If you can, off course.

The people seem to like you very much. What is your explanation of this?
I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t pretend to be someone that I’m not or to be a star. Our so-called show-business is very funny, because in Bulgaria there is a show, but there is not a business. The stars all over the world are stars because you can’t see them.

Your work-schedule is so full that there are days, when you play in two spectacles. How you hold on?
If you see my schedule for June! You can hold on when you work what you love – it’s just pleasant.

You have a family and a child also. Are you free from domestic obligations?
No – every evening I throw the garbage, I go shopping and take out the dog. My daughter wants me already to leave this job, in order to have more time together.

In a few weeks was the premiere of the movie Prognosis in which you play. Did you like it?
Yes, I think that it’s a very good film, but I still haven’t find the time to watch it on the big screen.

How do you choose the projects on which you work? Do you have any obligatory conditions?
Yes, I have. The first condition is to like the people with whom I will work and the other is that the text is interesting to me.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll is in Modern Theatre on 9 May, 19:00p.m.
Prognosis is in the cinema


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