Short Circuit

10 August 2007 text Anelia Alexandrova, photos Todor Tsvetkov for Angel Kotsev studio
The Palace of Balchik gathers again around 400 crazy talents for the fifth International short film festival. We looked for the main person in charge to tell us more about it. He is Tsanko Vasilev – a man of 33, who has studied engineering ecology, informatics, twice directing and not only, but what is more important – he makes everything with an infectious enthusiasm.

Why is it a short movie festival?
Few people want to grow old with a two-hour movie. It is difficult especially for the non-commercial, non-budget cinema to keep the attention of spectators for so long. The short movie is a very personal and dynamic form of art.

The deadline for participation this year has already expired, what is the result by now?
We got 1620 registrations from 62 countries. There are also 132 projects from Bulgaria. They will compete in two separate programmes – International and Bulgarian. That is because of the different quality of production. People abroad have unlimited opportunities for techniques and budget.

How is the “harvest” this year?
There are some unique films. We will show 84 from the foreign films, i.e. only 5 percents of all.

These are amazing results. Do you advertise the event abroad?
Of course, we cannot afford a real advertising campaign. Our publicity comes from the telling of people who were here before.

What interesting stuff have you prepared?
There will be a lot of workshops, seminars, educational programmes. What is more important is that we will be together, get to know each other, have fun and fall in love for a whole week.

At the beginning it was just a student festival, now it becomes something really big. How come?
The festival should be professional and useful. We never wanted to make it just a place for meeting and drinking.

What is your trademark?
We try to provoke young people think and work. Last year we made them shoot a social advertisement just for 24 hours. The idea came from Magi Maleeva and her project Gorichka.

Do you look for different subjects of each new event?
We don't make concrete plans in advance or give certain directions and trends because it is very dangerous. It is better that each young artist and professional knows that it is the place where he can show his works and meet kindred souls.


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