Sence of Hate

16 February 2017 text Natalia Ivanova
Top notes: a slap, arousing consciousness, shattered glass, polished gun steel ignites winter skylines, worn soles in housing projects, freefalling. Heart notes: cold sweat breaks at night, burnt tracks drawn on cracked pavements. Base notes: triggers fall back, dust moves forward, flashbacks, time stands still.

What is the smell of the lines above? It's the movie La Haine - black and white chronicle of the brutal life in the Parisian suburbs, narrated by director Mathieu Kassovitz in 1995. They're collated in 50ml by Mark Buxton - extravagant and really experienced perfumer, whose carеер started as "pure gambling" in German TV show, when he and his friend bet that they can recognize 600 different perfumes. They lose, but Mark prepares his nose for his future. He went to study in Paris and worked for the giants in the industry (from Cartier and Ferre to Givenchy and Comme des Garçons), until he retired in order to keep the most important note in his work - creativity. After several niche fragrances inspired by events, meetings, single women in black dresses and lyrics, he met Kaya - founder of the French agency Folié, which uses "smell as medium that deepens the experience of art". One of it's projects - Le Cinéma Olfactif - adds the sense of smell to the sensations in the cinema, as you will feel alone in February 25 at Dom na kinoto, when the screening of La Haine will be imbued with its fragrance, created by Mark.


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